TIC Systems IMS for Lab Managers

Simplify Data Entry and Ensure Data Quality

Ensuring data quality is challenging without the right tools and processes. With TIC Systems IMS, gain the simplicity and flexibility you need for better data entry. Take advantage of our software’s easy-to-use data entry forms, checks and specifications, as well as built-in approval processes.

Our software is ISO 17025 compliant.

With TIC Systems IMS, you gain the power to:

  • Standardize client-facing documentation
  • Enter sample data quickly and efficiently
  • Print labels
  • Print lab worksheets directly from your system
  • Catalogue data management (tests and slates)
  • Retain management integrated
  • Gain the approval systems needed for off-spec results

Make sure you get paid accurately and on-time for the hard work your company is doing with TIC Systems IMS.

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