Maximise Business Potential with Data Insights

Discover actionable insights with TIC Systems IMS advanced reporting. Our real-time dashboards provide invaluable insights, allowing you to track performance, identify inspection trends, and drive informed decisions. With intuitive graphs and charts, critical data is visualised at a glance, empowering you to make informed decisions and recognise performance trends across all operational levels.

Welcome to a smarter way of managing your inspection business!

Key Features

TIC Systems' Reporting feature provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing you to gain valuable insights and track key metrics for informed decision-making.

  1. Reporting Dashboard

    Access real-time insights through intuitive reporting dashboards, including tracking inspection trends (e.g., job counts, order status, job types, specific tests) to optimise staffing and equipment utilisation.

  2. Instant Data Insights

    Visualise critical data at a glance using graphs and charts to make informed decisions and recognise performance trends at all operational levels

  3. Smart Business Optimisation

    Leverage your data for business optimisation and expansion, gaining marketing and sales insights through revenue tracking by location and coordinator.

  4. Data-Driven Growth

    Identify key data insights to win successful client tenders and harness analytics to uncover growth opportunities.

  5. Customised Analytics

    Tailor reports to your specific needs, extracting insights most relevant and aligned with your business objectives and priorities.

  6. Critical KPI Tracking

    Track key KPIs and performance metrics that matter most to your business including timeliness of reporting, sample turnaround times, etc.

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