Simplify Your Job Management Process

Simplify your workflow from order to fulfilment with TIC Systems’ Job Management feature. Our comprehensive platform centralises job creation, assignment, and tracking, eliminating scattered documents and disjointed communication. Experience seamless efficiency with every task, all within TIC Systems IMS.

Key Features

With TIC Systems' Job Management feature, you can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure accurate and timely completion of every job.

  1. Streamlined Job Creation

    Easily create detailed jobs outlining specific tasks, instructions, and necessary details.

  2. Assignment and Tracking

    Assign jobs to employees or contractors and monitor their progress in real-time.

  3. Centralised Data Management

    All associated documents, test results, and client communication are stored within the system for quick and easy access.

  4. Global Insights

    Track the time and resources spent on each task and generate real-time reports on job status and completion across your global organisation.

  5. Real-Time Updates

    Stay up-to-date with instant notifications and updates on job progress.

  6. Flexible Workflows

    Customise workflows to fit your business needs seamlessly.

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