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  • Easy Integration

    Our system integrates perfectly with Navarik Inspection, providing faster turnaround times, and enables clients to access KPI results quickly.

  • Reduces Errors

    You can significantly reduce data entry errors and risk of incorrect reporting. Our solution ensures that your invoices and billing are accurate across regions, tax laws, and currencies. We ensure that your system integrates with accounting systems efficiently, saving you valuable time.

  • Faster Billing

    Our software enables timely, accurate billing, and invoice tracking by capturing all business activities, ensuring that you get paid for all the work you perform.

  • Unified System

    All job order data can be easily accessed and stored centrally, searchable 24/7. Our solution is operationally efficient and is capable of providing valuable insights and business intelligence for making executive decisions.

  • Standard Client Documents

    Our software generates standardised client-facing documentation, providing transparency to the clients and helping you retain their loyalty.

  • LIMS System

    Our integrated LIMS system ensures that all test results are stored alongside the job order, simplifying legal claims, and facilitating easy billing.

  • Central Document Storage

    Our system includes a document management solution to store all documents centrally. This ensures faster document searchability, making record-keeping simpler.

  • Uninterrupted Operations

    Our solution provides seamless staff handover, ensuring smooth vacation, maternity and paternity schedules. Employees and managers can access all data, enabling uninterrupted training and service improvement for your customers.

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