Introducing TIC Systems: Building on the Legacy of Navarik’s Inspection Management Software (IMS)

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development that will significantly enhance and streamline the way you manage inspections and operations. As of 2023, TIC Systems emerges as a dedicated company, born out of the evolution of Navarik’s Inspection Management Software (IMS), poised to redefine the landscape of cutting-edge solutions in the Inspection industry.

The Continuation from Navarik to TIC Systems

Since being acquired by Vela (a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc), Navarik has continued to excel paving the way for a new opportunity. TIC Systems emerged from visionary insight by TIC Systems’ CEO, Richard Halldearn, former CEO at Navarik. Recognising the immense potential of the IMS product, Richard Halldearn was approached by the VMS Fund, an initiative within Constellation Software Inc, ultimately leading to the birth of TIC Systems.

Evolving IMS with TIC Systems

TIC Systems has been hard at work this year, migrating IMS to the cloud. This move has significantly improved the ability to deliver new customer features and enhance the user experience. Notably, the revamped architecture now scales globally. We’re excited about these changes and hope you will be too!

What this means for you

We understand that change can be both exciting and concerning for our clients, especially those who are already utilizing Navarik’s IMS product. Please be assured that we are dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition for all existing IMS users. TIC Systems will honor existing contracts and agreements, ensuring that our valued clients experience no disruptions during this transition.

In the coming months, we’ll be working with Navarik to implement a carefully crafted migration plan, designed to seamlessly transfer your operations from Navarik’s IMS to TIC Systems. Your experience with TIC Systems is of paramount importance, and we are committed to providing the necessary support to ensure a seamless shift to our software.

A focus on quality enhancements

TIC Systems is poised to continue serving the Inspection industry with the same dedication and expertise that has made Navarik a trusted name in the Oil and Gas sector. Our commitment to delivering quality enhancements remains unwavering, with an emphasis on catering to the unique needs of our customer base.

Additionally, we are exploring new verticals where the IMS software can deliver immense value. Industries such as mining and agriculture hold tremendous potential for benefiting from the IMS solution. As TIC Systems expands into new sectors, our priority remains on refining and enhancing the IMS product to cater to diverse and evolving market demands.

Accelerating product improvements and responsiveness

TIC Systems is committed to investing significantly in the advancement of IMS. Richard Halldearn, CEO of TIC Systems says “We are determined to implement feature enhancements and improvements at a faster pace, ensuring that our platform remains at the cutting edge of innovation. Your feedback and feature requests are invaluable to us, and we will actively incorporate them into our development roadmap to better meet your evolving needs.”

We’re thrilled to be working with Navarik on the transformative journey ahead. We believe this change will unlock new possibilities for IMS users, empowering them to thrive. Rest assured, Navarik and TIC Systems remain committed to delivering top-notch solutions and dedicated customer support that will remain steadfast throughout this transition.

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