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  • View all your jobs from a series of filtered dashboards
  • Quickly search for any job in any status
  • Record all pertinent information about a job in our comprehensive job order overview page
  • Rapidly view the current status of a job
  • Store workbooks alongside the job
  • Complete LIMS system included:
    • Create samples
    • Transfer samples
    • Add tests and slates
    • Generate sample tags
    • Sample number labels
    • Record and approve results
    • Generate certificates of analysis
  • Flexible billing module with role-based separation of activity logging and pricing
    • Multiple currencies supported
    • Invoice generation included
    • Financial splitting supported
  • Store attachments against jobs
  • Record relevant communication within the application
  • Comprehensive access control
  • Logging and traceability of changes to data (Audit logging)
  • Secure by design
  • Inbuilt reporting
  • All data stored indefinitely
  • Invoicing API

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