1. June 30th 2023 release

    We’re thrilled to share the exciting progress we’ve made with our product this month. At the heart of this recent update is a strong commitment to stability and refinement, ensuring that your user experience is as seamless and enjoyable as ever.

    In the spirit of innovation and keeping up with the fast-paced world of technology, we’ve transitioned our application to align with the most recent advancements. But our journey doesn’t stop here. As we continue to enhance the TIC Systems Inspection Management System, our focus remains on our users. Every decision we make and every line of code we write is geared towards improving your experience. We believe in our product, but more importantly, we believe in our users commitment to providing the best experience for your clients. We are committed to making our product better, not for us, but for you. So as we move forward, know that we are working relentlessly to make your experience better.

    As always, we’re all ears and we’d love to hear your feedback. After all, our aim isn’t just to create a product that’s perfect for us, it’s to create a product that’s perfect for you.

    Company / People - Unable to activate inactive company in certain states
    Company / People - Unable to create new company
    Catalogue > Locations - Unable to deactivate locations
    Catalogue > Method of Transport - Unable to create entries
    Reports not downloading
    Updating Financial Periods errors
    Various bug fixes
  2. May 18th 2023 Release

    This is our continuing stability updates, as we decouple the IMS directly from Navarik Inspection. Our goal is to provide a small lightweight version of IMS that can work independently.

    Our next release will continue to focus on stability

    Restrict Junior Lab Technicians Role even further
    Stability: Pricing Sheets not calculating Values
    Stability: Prevented Pricing Sheets from sharing an ID
    Stability: Inspection Location Port / Terminal - Not loading first item in the catalogue
    Stability: Adding a new row in the Billing Sheet caused a system error
    Password Reset functionality restored
  3. April 24 2023 Release

    This is our updated version of TIC Systems IMS, our main effort of work for this release have included stability and and minor enhancements.

    Replace GB with XI in VIES Validation
    Junior Lab Technician Role
    Add row in Edit Billing Sheet causes system error
    Reset Password doesn't work
    Logging in without username/email causes exception

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