TIC Systems Empowers AmSpec’s Global Expansion: A Case Study


This case study highlights TIC Systems’ pivotal role in supporting the rapid global growth of AmSpec Group, a leading provider of petroleum, petrochemical, and agricultural product testing and inspection services. In 2012, AmSpec faced operational challenges due to the use of disparate software systems and spreadsheets across its 16 offices in the USA, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Recognising the need for standardisation to fuel their ambitious growth plans, AmSpec turned to TIC Systems for a comprehensive solution.

The Challenge of Standardisation 

AmSpec’s offices operated independently with site-specific Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and local databases, leading to inefficiencies in key areas such as invoicing, master-data management, software compatibility, integration with third-party systems, and company-wide business intelligence reporting. AmSpec employees voiced their concerns about cumbersome processes and the need for a simpler and faster way to complete tasks and submit job-related information.

Quotes from AmSpec Employees On Their Existing Processes

“As the saying goes, ‘time is money.’ The one thing I would like to see change would have to be the way the quality is displayed and all the clicking you have to do in order to finish one task. Also submitting of invoices, it’s very repetitive. I would like to see an easier and faster way to submit the job.” 

AmSpec User Survey Respondent, 2012 

“When the lab generates C of A, it would be nice to be able to let operations obtain it without having to send an email to them. Also, it would be good to see job orders or be informed of new jobs instead of waiting for a copy from operations or being surprised that a job is coming in without notice.”

AmSpec User Survey Respondent, 2012 

TIC Systems IMS: Modernising Operations and Accelerating Growth 

To address AmSpec’s challenges and streamline their operations, TIC Systems collaborated with AmSpec to develop and implement TIC Systems Inspection Management Solution (IMS) software. By deploying a custom instance of TIC Systems IMS, AmSpec achieved standardisation across its entire organisation, unlocking numerous benefits. These included maximising revenue potential, reducing reporting errors, optimising staff utilisation, gaining enhanced visibility into company-wide performance, and driving operational improvements.

Positive Feedback from AmSpec Employees 

AmSpec employees were highly satisfied with the impact of TIC Systems IMS on their daily tasks. A user from the Boston office in 2014 expressed excitement about the streamlined nature of the system, recognising its potential to simplify various aspects of their work.

Global Expansion and Continued Success 

AmSpec has experienced exponential growth, establishing a global presence with offices worldwide. An important step in supporting this growth was the implementation of TIC Systems IMS. The standardisation of operations and a centralised tracking system have enabled AmSpec to present a unified front to clients while providing effective reporting across the organisation. As a trusted partner, TIC Systems continues to support AmSpec’s ongoing expansion by developing enhancements tailored to their evolving business needs.

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