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Mastering Seamless Updates: A Deep Dive into TIC Systems’ Zero Downtime Release Strategy

Maintaining uninterrupted operations is paramount for the inspection industry. TIC Systems has developed a strategic approach to zero downtime releases, a commitment to delivering seamless updates and bug fixes without compromising user experience. In this article, we explore the three fundamental pillars of our strategy: Build Automation, Test Automation, and Release Automation.

Building a Solid Foundation: Build Automation

Our journey to zero downtime releases begins with Build Automation. As soon as a software developer completes their code, a series of automated processes kick in. From build and linting to unit-testing, integration-testing, and static analysis, each step is meticulously executed. The culmination is a fresh, on-demand containerised environment, primed and ready for testing.

Ensuring Reliability: Test Automation

A robust suite of end-to-end tests forms the backbone of our strategy, confirming that our application not only functions but performs optimally. These tests are carried out against both a freshly generated on-demand environment and a representative deployed environment, intelligently managed through Terraform’s infrastructure-as-code capabilities.

A Methodical Rollout: Release Automation

Our globally scaled production infrastructure receives our software through a proven automated process. The key to our success lies in a gradual rollout approach – initially releasing updates to a small subset of users. As the load on the latest release gradually increases, automated monitoring tools vigilantly highlight any potential issues, triggering an automatic roll-back if necessary.

Beyond Technical Achievement: Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to zero downtime releases goes beyond technical prowess; it’s a pledge to customer satisfaction. By eliminating the disruptions traditionally associated with updates, we enhance the overall user experience. For industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, and mining, where continuous oversight is paramount, this approach ensures seamless operations without interruption.

Stability and Agility: The Dual Benefits of Continuous Releases

While some systems opt for a code freeze to maintain stability, we take a different approach. Treating all changes as patches, we expedite them into production swiftly. This dual-pronged strategy enhances stability by making smaller, less risky changes and boosts agility by accelerating productivity and feature delivery.

Leveraging Latest Features: Enabling Continuous Operations

Zero downtime releases empower inspection companies to embrace the latest features and bug fixes seamlessly. Our software becomes an enabler rather than a constraint, allowing enterprises to keep pace with the dynamic demands of their operations.

Conclusion: Aligning with the Fast-Paced Nature of Inspection Management

TIC Systems’ zero downtime release strategy aligns seamlessly with the high-speed world of inspection management. Our software remains a reliable and agile solution for enterprises operating globally. By eliminating downtime, we ensure that our users can leverage the full potential of our software without interruption, irrespective of their geographical location or the time of day. This commitment defines us, setting us apart from our competitors and making TIC Systems the preferred choice for those who demand excellence in software solutions.

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