Breaking Boundaries: TIC Systems’ Regional Optimisation through Sharding

Catering to users globally while maintaining a unified platform has been a longstanding challenge. The constraints of physics on data speed across the globe, coupled with network complexities, make it difficult to ensure acceptable performance for every user. To tackle this challenge, we delve into the realm of regional optimisation, focusing on the innovative technique of sharding for localised efficiency.

Understanding Global Latency Challenges

Physics dictates the speed of data, and the time it takes for a request to travel to a distant server is substantial. As illustrated by the data below, sourced from, the latency differences worldwide are significant, affecting the usability of internal systems for multinational companies.

LocationTime (ms)Time (s)
Las Vegas1510.151

For a typical page with multiple requests, the latency difference worldwide can be substantial, as high as 26 times increase in latency from London to Singapore.

Addressing challenges related to latency is crucial for a seamless user experience. While tools like browser caching and CDNs play a role, overcoming data challenges is paramount. In our pursuit of enhanced system performance, we implement regional optimisation, with a spotlight on the transformative technique of sharding.

Sharding: Transformative Data Partitioning

Sharding involves distributing and storing data across multiple regional databases. This approach optimises data access by partitioning data based on specific regions, reducing latency traditionally associated with centralised data storage. The result is a superior user experience, with readily available and responsive inspection data tailored to each region’s unique needs.

Benefits Beyond Borders: Global Scalability

The advantages of sharding extend beyond local efficiency; they resonate with global scalability. By strategically distributing data, we strike a balance between regional specificity and the overarching need for a scalable and interconnected system. This approach ensures that while local efficiency is achieved, the global scale of our software remains intact.

Responsive Software in a Diverse World

As we navigate diverse operational landscapes, our approach to regional optimisation through sharding positions our software as responsive to regional nuances. It serves as a cohesive and connected solution on a global stage, breaking down boundaries and ensuring that users worldwide experience seamless performance tailored to their unique operational demands. TIC Systems‘ commitment to regional optimisation exemplifies our dedication to providing a superior user experience in a globally connected world.

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